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Signature Sips by Sylvia Webb, a premium quality coffee brand, is the embodiment of the founder’s deep rooted passion for life, adventure, giving, and her quest for always finding that special brew, wherever in the world she might be!


A native Texan and transplanted Atlantan, Sylvia has traveled the world for 32 years as a flight attendant and has come to find that one of the best ways to experience a culture and its people is by venturing out for a cup of coffee! Its ability to create a common bond while also providing that much-needed jolt is what sparked her love of ‘the bean’.

Signature Sips captures the best of what she experienced in her own brand - blends that are aromatic and lush, with textured depths of flavor.


If launching this latest venture weren’t enough, this coffee loving, globe trotting flight attendant has yet another love! For the past 12 years, she has been widely recognized as the founder of 40 Girls and Some Shoes, an Atlanta based non-profit organization that donates shoes to the homeless and other underserved communities.

Giving back is so rewarding to Sylvia, and like coffee, it feeds her soul and is yet another way she catches a buzz! As a natural extension of her civic-mindedness, there is a charitable component to Signature Sips. A portion of all sales will be donated to a female specific charitable organization.

You’re invited to indulge your senses with her signature sips while giving back; a true caffeine high!

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